Strategy and mission

Our mission 

To create public welfare, ensuring constructive, mutual understanding and trust based relationship between customers, regulators and banks.

Create welfare – content of sustainable banking business;
Public – banking clients, residents, business, the public authorities;
Ensuring constructive relationship – professional and objective, mutually beneficial;
Customers – companies, households and the public sector who use banking services.


Financially literate and technologically advanced society in which banks act as promoters of progress and guarantors of welfare.

Financially literate – understands the market economy and the role of banks;
Technologically advanced – receptive to technological innovations and tends to use them;
Promoters of progress – installers and disseminators of innovative, advanced technology;
Guarantors of welfare – advisers, consultants and partners in the value creation process.


Responsibility, transparency, professionalism

Responsibility – we understand our impact on society, care about their well-being.
Transparency – we act openly, honestly, strictly keeping ethical standards.
Professionalism – our actions are based on quality analysis, best practice and knowledge.

Management structure:

The general meeting of members. The highest governing body of the Association.
Board. Collegial governing body.
President. Sole governing body.